Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mecate Reins!

So I got my mecate reins and slobber straps this week and rode Milo in them tonight. He did so well! And I really like the feel of the reins (plus the lead rope is handy!).

I also rode him over some ground poles to help encourage him to stretch down and lift his back, which he did pretty well at. I think I will continue working with the ground poles and maybe set up some "patterns" with them.

We worked on transitions as well with collection and a rounded back, and without, at all gaits (except gallop). And he is getting really good at it. This I will also continue working on.

Heres a photo of his new mecate reins. And if you look close you can see the slotted conchos with blood-knots that I added (and tied the knots on myself). I am still going to add buckle sets onto it as well. Photo to follow when I get the sets :)

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