Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Milo, happy birthday to you!

Yep Milo turned the big 6 today. I can no longer blame anything on him being a baby anymore LOL. Milo got a good groom and a huge bag of carrots today. I know, Mom is kind of lame and one a budget, but I think Milo appreciates the carrots anyways.

Unfortunetly, I noticed today that Milo has these bulges on the outers of his hocks. I've never noticed them before so I suspect they must have just shown up. The left one is larger and firmer than the right which is smaller and softer. They are not hot to the touch and he's not ouchy. He also doesnt show any back pain the the typical area where hind end lameness can be associated with. He is not lame either, but I also didnt ride (I can usually feel when he is off better than I can see it).

I called the vet and he seems to think it is just extra joint fluid caused by some type of inflammation. This can be caused by typical or strained work. I last rode Milo on Monday for our drill team practice, but it certainly wasnt strenuous work as we are still working on the pattern at a jog/trot. The footing is a little different than at home, but not deeper or harder just a little slipperier. Vet said to wait it out and see if he either gets lame or the fluid goes away. If not, he needs to come out and examine it further and to see why the fluid pockets are forming anyways.

In the meantime, I can still ride but not too hard of work. Maybe it is something that can be worked out? Nothing really to do to treat it except maybe cold hose water.

Good job Milo. Your first day as a "senior horse" and you are already falling apart on me!

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