Friday, January 15, 2010

So Many Things to Do

This morning is the quiet time for what the day has in store. Let me just quickly put down the list that I have for today (in the usual for Washington):

11:30 - Clean out my truck for this upcoming weekend; I will need a lot of room to throw things into it.
12:30 - Go to the bank and cash my check (than promptly spend it on all things equine, like said weekend coming up...)
12:45 - Meet with a friend who used to own a local tack store, now has a lot of tack left to sell. Purchase the reverse wedge Cashel pad as recommended by the saddle fitter.
1:00 - Stop by Cenex and pick up two bags of pelleted bedding for this weekend.
1:30 - Clean pastures (in the rain!), and hopefully find a dry enough area to give Milo his Friday turnout.
3:00 - Meet a friend at the barn for her horse's vet appointment.
3:30 - Start packing and organizing everything for this weekend.
4:30 - Haul out to Diamond Hill Ranch! (Ok Ill tell you now: Im taking Milo to a cattle clinic this weekend with Max Salisbury from tonight through Sunday, Im VERY excited to say the least!)
5:15 ish - Settle Milo at the Ranch, and do some light riding or groundwork to accustom him to the arena.
6:00 - Feed Milo, unpack and organize everything.
6:30 - Leave to Silverdale for 7:00 meeting with the Thunderbird Cowgirls, first meeting of the year going over practice schedule, sponsorships, clothing, meeting new alternates, and going over the pattern, among much more Im sure.

After that, I will later come home to an empty boyfriendless and dogless house :( Wes is taking Angie with him to Eastern Washington for duck and goose hunting this weekend. Sad day. And with my day (and his) being so busy I wont see him at all. SIGH. But life goes on, and hey this weekend will be fun! OH! That reminds me I have to print out some flyers for my saddles for sale to take to Diamond Hill. Better get on that!

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